Hotel 71 Dhaka | 3 Star Boutique Hotel in Dhaka City Central
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Rated as the number 1 value for money hotel in Dhaka by TripAdvisor. We are as good as it gets, the best choice for economic travellers.

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Paid services made complimentary! Your stay at Hotel 71 will be evermore comfortable with world class compliments.

Awards & reviews

Great reviews everywhere! Trusted by hundreds of loyal clients! 7 awards have so far been won by Hotel 71.

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We don't collect any credit card! So, you have complete peace of mind when you book with us. The most relaxed cancellation policy ever! You can cancel the same day of arrival and still face no cancellation penalty unlike online OTA's, where you will lose the entire reservation amount.

thoughtful compliments

Wherever you are we'll be there. You can chat with us at our website, you can find a quick reply on facebook. Free internet calls on Viber, WhatsApp and Skype! You can even message us on Google Map as well! And of course there is email!

2015 Award

2017 Award

2016 Award

2018 Award

2017 Award

2019 Award

2018 Award

Creating lasting impressions.

The choice has never been more clear.

Acclaimed award winning hotel in Dhaka

Experience effortless hospitality with Hotel 71. Where we always extend our hospitality with the promise to transform our hotel into your home. When it comes to hotels in Dhaka, we are without parallel. Feel the difference with our award-winning hospitality.

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Creating happy experience is our only mantra, where every stay turns into a story.

Our core philosophy was to bring a truly passionate property with vibrant hospitality, one that can lead the industry and set the standard, one that can be the best value for money hotel in the entire city. We are proud to be blessed by the confidence of tens of thousands of guests over the years and a few thousand reviews trailing their success stories, happy memories which they have experienced, lasting impressions created at Hotel 71. If you care to see some of them, to your right lies a collage to some of that wonderful memories, guest experiences at Hotel 71.

Our Best rooms

A wide range of rooms to suit guests with varying needs. Our accommodation comes with world class complimentary amenities and services.

Our Mantra

Just like no two days are ever the same, our breakfast also lights up 
everyday with varying chef's culinary selections.

Choice is everything

We have a total of 7 eatery outlets at the property; 3 cafes, 2 bars and 2 restaurants.

The best there is!

Explore through our range of menu offerings! No 2 day will ever be the same for you, we promise!

5 Star Experience

You'll experience the finest gastronomic sensation in Dhaka!

With multiple dining venue, your taste palates will be truly painted with zesty flavors! Explore and excite your taste.
Our chefs has overseas experience and has a vast wealth of culinary mastery. Our kitchen's culture celebrate the rich heritage of world cuisines and bring their diverse treasure troves of curated dishes for you.


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  • Address
    176 Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Sarani (Old 47, Bijoy Nagar) Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh
  • Hotline
    +880 17500 76933, +880 18750 99218

To Hotel 71, Dhaka.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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